FT-I04 FemtoIndenter - NanoindentationFT-I04 NanoindentationFemtoTools FT-I04 IndenterFemto FT-I04 NanoindenterFT-I04 Nano-indentationFemto FT-I04 Nanoindenter
FT-I04 FemtoIndenter - NanoindentationFT-I04 NanoindenterFT-I04 NanoindenterFemto FT-I04 NanoindentationFT-I04 Nano-indentationFemtoTools FT-I04 Nanoindenter


The FT-I04 Femto-Indenter is a high-resolution nanomechanical testing system capable of accurately quantifying the mechanical and tribological properties of materials at the micro- and nanoscale.
As the world’s first MEMS-based nanoindenter, the FT-I04 uses the patented FemtoTools Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology. Leveraging over two decades of innovations, this nanoindenter features unmatched resolution, repeatability and dynamic stability.
The FT-I04 Femto-Indenter is optimized for the mechanical testing of metals, ceramics, thin films and coatings, as well as more compliant microstructures such as metamaterials. Furthermore, the FT-I04 is modular and can extend its capabilities to accommodate the versatile requirements of various research fields.
Typical applications include the quantification of hardness and elastic modulus as a function of indentation depth using the integrated continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) mode, as well as the high-resolution mapping of mechanical properties. Furthermore, optional modules enable scratch and wear testing, high-resolution scanning probe microscopy (SPM) imaging and high temperature testing (coming soon).
With unmatched noise floors down to 500 pN in force (guaranteed real world values) and 50 pm in displacement (guaranteed real world values) and comparatively large ranges of 200 mN and 20 μm, the Femto-Indenter enables the comprehensive study of mechanical behavior of materials with an unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.

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FT-I04 Femto-Indenter