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Discover the capabilities of FemtoTools firsthand and engage directly with our application scientists at selected conferences. 

The FemtoTools exhibition stand at a conference, displaying their high-tech nanoindentation equipment prominently.

Upcoming Events

October 6-11, 2024

Messina, Italy

ECI 2024

Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development

December 1-6, 2024

Boston, USA

MRS 2024 Fall Meeting & Exhibition

Material Research Society Fall Meeting & Exhibition

March 23–27, 2025

Las Vegas, USA

TMS 2025

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society Annual Meeting & Exhibition

May 11-16 2025

San Diego, USA


International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films
A professional team of four men stands proudly at the FemtoTools exhibition booth during a conference.
Experience the forefront of nanomechanical testing with FemtoTools at select conferences. As a pioneering Swiss high-tech company, FemtoTools specializes in developing and selling cutting-edge, MEMS-based nanoindenters designed for intricate applications in metallurgy, thin films, and microsystem technology. Unlike traditional nanoindentation systems that rely on precision machined components, FemtoTools innovates through the use of semiconductor fabrication technology to create force sensors directly from single crystalline silicon wafers. This advanced approach not only enhances fabrication tolerances but also significantly improves sensitivity, resolution, and repeatability beyond the capabilities of conventional systems. The compact size of our sensing elements drastically reduces their weight, leading to a high resonance frequency that enables the measurement of rapid events and supports fatigue or cyclic tests at elevated frequencies. Discover how FemtoTools' unique technology can revolutionize your projects by engaging with our application scientists firsthand and seeing our solutions in action. Don't miss this chance to explore the potential of FemtoTools to transform your work.

Nanoindentation Revolutionized: Unleashing the Power of Tomorrow's Technology