In-Situ SEM NanoindentationMicropillar Compression
Tracking Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation by STEM
NanoindentationMicropillar Compression TestingMicro-Cantilever Fracture TestingMicro-Tensile TestingTracking Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation by STEMMechanical Testing of Metamaterials


- Determination of hardness and Young’s Modulus in low material volumes
- Quantification of contact mechanics and dynamic response
- Characterization of deformation mechanisms under multiaxial stress

Micropillar Compression Testing

- Determination of critically-resolved shear stress (CRSS) of slip systems
- Characterization of deformation mechanisms under uniaxial stress
- Quantification of ductile damage and strain localization

Microcantilever Fracture Testing

- Sub-micron fracture toughness with continuous J-integral method
- Characterization of monotonic and cyclic fracture behavior
- Quantification of individual crack initiation and propagation events

Micro-Tensile Testing

- Determination of yield stress, ultimate tensile stress and elongation to fracture
- Characterization of fracture modes under monotonic and cyclic loading
- Quantification of strain localization effect and crack propagation events

Correlative In-Situ Nanomechanical Testing with STEM/EBSD

- Quantitative study of strain localization
- Quantitative study of phase transformations
- Quantitative study of texture evolution
- Quantitative study of dislocation dynamics
- Quantitative study of grain boundary migration