Micromechanical Testing of FibersNanoindentation on hard and soft materialsStylus Topography Measurement
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Micro Tensile Testing

The FT-MTA03 offers a broad range of options for the testing of micron-sized fibers (electrospun, silk, textile) down to very small scales. Typical measurements include the creep and stress relaxation testing and the fracture testing of micro-composites. Horizontal, in-liquid tensile testing of biological is possible also.


For the localized material testing of small volumes, the FT-MTA03 offers both position-controlled and forcecontrolled nanoindentation. The tiltable microscope enables the real-time visual observation of the sample during the load application. The large displacement range in combination with the low-force sensing capabilities makes the FT-MTA03 an ideal tool for soft material characterization.

Stylus Profilometry

The FT-MTA03 features ultra-low force stylus profilometry capabilities for creating 2d and 3d topography maps of soft and fragile samples. The measurement of high aspect ratio structures in any direction of space is another strength of the FT-MTA03.

Microstructure Analysis

The FT-MTA03 is a highly adaptable force-deflection testing machine with a force range from 0.5nN up to 200mN. The in-plane (horizontal) and out-of-plane (vertical) testing capabilities make the FT-MTA03 a versatile tool that meets the demands of the R&D community in both academia and industry.