NanoindentationNano-scratch testing Nanoindentation MappingSPM Imaging
High-resolution NanodentationNano scratch testingNanoindentation MappingScanning probe microscopy


- Simple nanoindentation (ISO 14577)
- Real continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) based nanoindentation

Scratch Testing

- Measure of critical load for thin films and coatings failure
- Determine cohesive and adhesive failure of thin films
- Measurement of tribological surface properties

High-Sensitivity Property Mapping

- Mapping of modulus and harness over an area (3D mapping)
- Depth-dependent mapping of modulus and hardness (4D mapping)
- Fast mapping, in both cases down to less than 1 s/indent

Wear Testing

- Quantification of the rate of materials wear
- Measurement of the materials friction coefficient

SPM Imaging

- 3D imaging of surface roughness and topography
- Direct measurement and visualization of indents to quantify pile-ups and residual deformation
- 3D visualization of scratch and wear profiles

Product Brochure

FT-I04 Femto-Indenter