Femto FT-I04 NanoindenterFemtoTools FT-I04 NanoindenterMEMS-based Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools - 1-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools - 2-Axis Microforce Sensing Probe1-Axis Microforce Sensing with intergrated tip heater
Femto FT-I04 NanoindenterFT-I04 NanoindenterFemtoTools Microforce Sensing ProbeFT-S - 1-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeFemto FT-I04- 2-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeMicroforce Sensing Probe with integrated tip heater


High-resolution nanoindentation with an unmatched repeatability to detect the smallest variation in hardness and modulus 

Intrinsic position-controlled measurements, enabling the direct recording and quantification of fast plasticity and fracture events (optionally, force-controlled measurements are possible as well)

Displacement sensing range of 20 ┬Ám with a guaranteed noise floor of less than 50 pm (in fine mode) and up to 40 mm with a 1 nm noise floor (in coarse mode), covering 9 orders of magnitude

Interchangeable force sensing probes with various tip geometries and materials enabling force-sensing from 500 pN to 200 mN in both tension and compression, covering 9 orders of magnitude

Stiffest nanoindenter on the market with the highest dynamic range featuring load cells with a resonance frequency up to 50 kHz and a data acquisition rate of 96 kHz

SPM imaging of surfaces, scratches and residual indents enabling the quantification of surface damage and deformation such as pile-up or sink-in (coming soon)

High-resolution nano-scratch, nano-wear and nanofriction measurement using the optional Scratch Testing Module in combination with the 2-axis Microforce Sensing Probe

Integrated procedures for fast and accurate calibration of the nanoindenter tip geometry (area function calibration) from ultra-shallow depths to conventional nanoindentations

Extensive data analysis tools for the plotting of data, its analysis using customizable fits and functions, and the extraction and visualization of material properties