FT-S Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools Microforce Sensing Probe1-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools 2-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeBerkovich nanoindentation tipSpherical nanoindentation tip
FemtoTools Microforce Sensing ProbeFT-S Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools 1-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeFemtoTools 2-Axis Microforce Sensing ProbeBerkovich nanoindenter tipSpherical nanoindenter tip

FT-S Microforce Sensing Probe

The FemtoTools FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes are sensors capable of measuring forces from sub-nanonewtons to 200 millinewtons along the sensor’s probe axis. Both compression and tension forces can be measured. Single SI-traceable pre-calibration for each probe in combination with an outstanding long-term stability guarantees significantly higher measurement accuracy than other force sensing systems in this force range. Specialized versions are also available, including 2-Axis Microforce Sensing Probes or Tip Heating.
The FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes are available with a wide variety of tip materials and geometries including diamond Berkovich, cube corner, flat punch, wedge, conical and more.

Specifications & Features

Sensor Force Range Resolution
FT-S200 ±200µN 0.0005 µN
FT-S2'000 ±2'000µN 0.005 µN
FT-S20'000 ±20'000µN 0.05 µN
FT-S200'000 ±200'000µN 0.5 µN
FT-S200'000-HT ±200'000µN 2.0 µN
FT-S20'000-2Axis ±20'000µN / ±20'000µN 0.1 µN / 0.1 µN

Typical tip options

Application Geometry Material
Nanoindentation Berkovich / cube corner Diamond
Nanoscratch testing Cube corner Diamond
Soft material indentation Spherical Glass / ruby
Micro-pillar compression Flat-punch Diamond
Cantilever fracture testing Wedge / conical Diamond