FemtoTools - Cleanroom Engineer

About FemtoTools AG

FemtoTools is a Swiss high-tech company that develops and sells high resolution, MEMS-based nanoindenters for applications in metallurgy, thin films and microsystem technology.
While typical nanoindentation systems feature force-sensing technologies that are based on precision machined and assembled components, FemtoTools is using semiconductor fabrication technology to monolithically machine the entire force sensor out of single crystalline silicon wafers.
Due to the related higher fabrication tolerances, the resulting performance in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and repeatability outperform the limitations of the conventional technologies. Furthermore, due to the small size of the sensing element, its weight is orders of magnitude smaller than conventional technologies, resulting in a high resonance frequency and the related ability to measure fast events or to conduct fatigue or cyclic tests at higher frequencies. 

Management Team

Dr. Felix Beyeler, CEO
Dr. Simon Muntwyler, COO
Prof. Dr. Bradley Nelson, Technical Advisor
Brigitte Geissmann, Finances

Awards (selection)

2009 Swiss Technology Award
RBR50 - Top 50 most Influental Robotics Companies Worldwide in 2014