FT-NMT03 In-Situ SEM NanoindenterFT-NMT03 Mechanical TestIn-Situ SEM nanoindentation combined with electrical test (NEMS testing)Nanomechanical Testing - in-situ SEM breaking testNanomaterial characterizationIn-situ Nanoassembly
FT-NMT03 Nanomechanical Testing SystemFT-NMT03 Mechanical TestNEMS electro-mechanical testing (in-situ SEM)Nanomechanical Testing - in-situ SEM breaking testNanomaterial characterizationIn-situ Nanoassembly


The FT-NMT03 Nanomechanical Testing System is an in-situ SEM nanoindenter for the direct and accurate measurement of the mechanical properties of nanostructures. Besides classical nanoindentation, other testing principles such as micropillar compression, tensile testing, or position-controlled fracture tests are enabled by applying a load with a microforce sensor onto the nanostructures while using position encoders to measure their deformation.
From the resulting nanoindentation data (or other force-versus-deformation curves), the material properties of the material or nanostructures are quantitatively determined. Furthermore, through the combination with sample holders that feature electrical connections, the combined electro-mechanical properties of nanostructures can be quantified.
The FT-NMT03 nanoindenter geometry has been optimized for applications in nanometallurgy, where mechanical tests are correlated with STEM or EBSD imagaing.

Some nanomechanical metrology applications require complex sample preparation steps prior to the measurement. For this reason, the FT-NMT03 also features micro- and nanohandling capabilities using either force-sensing microgrippers or sharp, force-sensing tungsten tips, which enable the pickup, placing and attaching of nanostructures to a testing substrate. 

Due to the compact dimensions of the FT-NMT03 Nanomechanical Testing System, the nanoindenter can be used in combination with almost any full sized SEM/FIB. The system can be easily mounted und unmounted within a few minutes.