micro chevron notch fracture test
Micropillar and Nanopillar CompressionTensile testing of a metallic glass nanowire
micro chevron notch fracture testMicrocapsule compression testing Mechanical Testing of a MicrotrussMicropillars compressionNanowire tensile testingCorrelative In-Situ Nanomechanical Testing

For the systematic development of new materials and for the understanding of physical processes, in-SITU SEM compression tests on samples such as partical, microcapsules or cantilvers is performed. The nanomechanical testing can be combined and synchronized with spezialized SEM detectors such as e.g. EBSD.

Metamaterials are materials that exhibit a specific set of mechanical and physical properties. In-situ nanomechanical testing enables a direct quantification of the mechanical behavior of microfabricated metamaterials.

For the development and the optimization of new, high-performance materials, in-situ SEM micropillar compression is a valuable tools since it enables the real-time visualization of the pillar during the load application. 

The FT-NMT03 is designed for the tensile testing of microforbers and nanofibers. Typical in-situ SEM measurements include creep testing, cyclic testing and stiffness testing.

Combining nanomechanical testing with various SEM detectors such as STEM, EBSD, EDX, ... (Video courtesy: Prof. Daniel S. Gianola from UC Santa Barbara)